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Expert Witness Dog Behaviour

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We accept private and legal aid funded cases.  Contact me to find out more or ask your solicitor to get in touch to discuss the case.

Expert Witness Dog Behaviour

Al Rankin BSc (Hons) CDBC

I provide dog behaviour expert witness services for owners who are facing prosecution under The Dogs (Northern Ireland) Act 1983 as well as the Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Act and amendments – Dogs (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2011.


Following instruction by your solicitor I will provide a full behaviour assessment of your dog along with an unbiased report for presentation to the court with appropriate references to the latest supporting animal behaviour science. If required I also provide specific recommendations for behavioural development and management controls.  I will be available to attend court hearings when required.


I graduated with first class honours from the University of Hull in Canine Training and Behaviour in 2016 and am a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.  I currently provide expert dog training and behaviour modification services throughout Northern Ireland and specialise in evaluating and modifying aggressive dog behaviour.  I have assessed and worked with 1000's of dogs over the past 7 years providing comprehensive reports and expert behaviour modification programs.

Certified Dog Behaviourist

Al Rankin BSc (Hons) CDBC

Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant
Registered Animal Behaviourist

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